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At Pigeon Cure Pharma, we offer a diverse range of specialized avian healthcare products targeting specific health requirements. Our extensive product line includes antibiotics, designed effectively to counteract various infections and diseases among birds. We also provide premium quality multivitamins that are vital for their regular growth, vitality and overall health. Further, our immunity boosters ensure enhanced protection against pathogens, promoting long-term well-being. All our products are stringently tested and backed by scientific research, ensuring they are safe and beneficial for your birds. At Pigeon Cure Pharma, we are committed to providing world-class health solutions for our feathered friends.

Moulting & Breeding Formula

PCURE’s Moulting And Breeding Formula is an energy-dense composition derived from nutrient-rich grains, enriched with vital amino acids like Methionine and Lysine, selected fibers, and significant Omega 3 fatty acids. The addition of lysine and methionine to the grain achieves an almost ideal protein source for pigeons. It comprises vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements that endorse the health of birds during moulting, breeding seasons, and racing periods. This formula is also beneficial for poultry. It aids in improving fertility in mature breeding pigeons and encourages better sulphur absorption, a key factor in feather growth.

Available Size: 500 g

Vita Combo

VITA COMBO by PCURE holds a unique formulation designed to compensate for any deficiencies in a bird’s diet, and has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in aiding the treatment of various diseases, especially during periods of antibiotic administration. It’s crucial to increase the intake of vitamins during medicinal treatment to balance out the depletion of intestinal flora, a natural side effect of medication.

VITA COMBO boasts significant performance enhancers like growth promotion, fertility boost, improved laying ability, and has an encouraging influence on the bird’s metabolic processes. With key ingredients like calcium and selenium, it is instrumental in fostering healthy bone development, and facilitating thriving growth in juvenile birds. These elements also contribute to the formation of strong and healthy eggshells.

The core competency of VITA COMBO is in amplifying the metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, thereby, providing an additional boost of energy to birds. Furthermore, it provides significant benefits to the nervous system ensuring a healthier, happier, and more active lifestyle for your birds. VITA COMBO by PCURE is not just a supplement, it’s an all-round wellness formula for your feathered friends.

Available Size: 200 g

Recovery Plus

Recovery Plus by PCURE – is a powerhouse nutritional supplement formulated in an easily digestible powder form, specifically targeting the health recovery of ill or fatigued pigeons. Enriched with high-grade proteins and energy-dense feed, it provides an optimal combination of nutrients essential for recuperation.

Recovery Plus incorporates a comprehensive spectrum of amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals, offering a perfect balance for reinvigorating your bird’s health. The inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics forms a robust digestive aid, helping to restore and maintain a healthy gut flora, ultimately leading to better nutrient absorption and improved overall well-being.

Furthermore, the addition of digestive enzymes in Recovery Plus serves to optimize digestion and nutrient utilization, further contributing to the recovery process. PCURE’s Recovery Plus is not only a supplement for speedy recovery, but it also plays a pivotal role in the ongoing maintenance of your birds’ optimum health.

Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster by PCUREincludes all significant natural ingredients that are necessary components of the immune system in all types of birds and offers defense against diseases. As long as a bird’s natural immune system functions optimally, it remains healthy and safe from all illnesses. However, anytime this natural immunity is disrupted due to stress, birds can become susceptible to various diseases.

Key benefits from our Immunity Booster include:

  1. Reinforcing the immune system.
  2. Repairing and stimulating natural immunity.
  3. Protecting your birds from a multitude of diseases.
  4. Reducing dependency on medications.
  5. Ideal for managing stress, post-travel adjustments, and severe weather effects.
  6. Excellent for bolstering bird’s immunity before vaccinations.

With PCURE’s Immunity Booster, you’re not just offering a supplement, but a comprehensive guard for the overall well-being of your birds.

Available Size: 100g

Doxy Pro 4 in 1

Doxy Pro 4 in 1 by PCURE  – contains (doxycycline + tylocin + colistin sulphate) is a top selling and trending product in market, features a comprehensive spectrum antibiotic formulation, specifically engineered to combat a wide range of bacterial infections. It is meticulously crafted for both preventive measures as well as active treatment interventions.

Among the array of conditions it targets are Coryza, CCRD, Pigeon Cholera, IB Rickettsia, E.coli, and Chlamydia infections – conditions that can severely compromise the health and vitality of your birds. Continent upon its versatile formulation, Doxy Pro is equally potent against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

With Doxy Pro at your disposal, you gain an upper hand in maintaining the disease-free health of your birds, ensuring they thrive in the best possible conditions. This potent formula brings the power of a broad-spectrum approach, tackling diverse bacterial threats to safeguard your feathered companions.

Available Size: 100g

Cocci Pro

Cocci Pro by PCURE – is a specialized remedy formulated with sulphaquinoxaline, amprolium, and vitamin K3 – precisely crafted to address and prevent caecal and intestinal coccidiosis in all types of birds. Specifically engineered with the health of your feathered friends in mind, it is extremely effective against illnesses instigated by various types of protozoa and certain bacteria.

One of the standout attributes of Cocci Pro is its potential to repair the mucous membrane of the intestines. By doing so, it not only enables better nutrient absorption and gut health but also helps regulate any excessive blood loss that can occur in internal infections.

With PCURE’s Cocci Pro in your bird healthcare arsenal, you ensure a tailored, robust defense against a variety of diseases. It is not just a preventive measure, but a comprehensive treatment strategy for protozoan and bacterial ailments that could affect your birds.

Available Size: 100g

Male Infertility - Pigeons

Male Infertility by PCURE –  is a product support for optimal condition during the breeding season fertility in males, providing all the vitamins and nutrients needed for good reproduction.
Packing: 30 Capsules

Female Infertility - Pigeons

Female Infertility by PCURE –  is a product support for optimal condition during the breeding season fertility in females, providing all the vitamins and nutrients needed for good reproduction. Developed and tested by PCURE, suitable for non-fertile hens (pigeons).
Packing: 30 Capsules

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