Premium Moulting & Breeding

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  • Best for all king of birds and poultry
  • Ideal to use in breeding season
  • Enhances fertility in older breeding pigeons
  • Get strong and healthy young birds
  • Promotes better feather quality
  • Better moulting with excellent silky quality feathers

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PCURE’s Moulting And Breeding Formula made from energy rich grains supplemented with the essential amino acids Methionine and Lysine, selected fibers and the important Omega 3 fatty acids. Adding the amino acids lysine and methionine to the grain will achieve close to a perfectly balanced protein source for the pigeons.

It is a combination of vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and trace elements that support birds during the moulting, breeding period and racing season. It also works for poultry. Enhances fertility in older breeding pigeons and also promotes the enhanced absorption of sulphur, which is essential to feather growth.

Adding the Moulting and breeding powder to the breeders secure strong and healthy breeders and young birds in the breeding season, and also silky and strong feathers in the moulting season. Also beneficial to add to the grain of long-distance racers the 2-3 first days after arrival.

Weight 500 g

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